We have a new sponsor which is all about collaboration! Just like us!

Frame.io has donated a 6 month subscription to the winning filmmaker to help speed up the production process no matter where their team is!

Frame.io Logo

Now filmmakers can collaborate even more with their team by sharing the editing experience.

I'm sure we have all used dropbox to share files with editors, directors, composers and everyone else. Frame.io is better, WAY Better. Check out the video below.

"Video review and collaboration, solved. Privately upload, review, and share video with your entire team, anywhere in the world".

Check them out HERE, or watch a VIDEO explaining how it works.

ITN Source

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ITN Source is offering free research assistance and screeners for production of the winning script!

ITN Source provides unparalleled access to footage from around the world, captured from 1896 to present. ​They are one of the world's largest archive footage licensors, with over 2.8 million video clips, programs and film titles available online, covering everything from news to drama, celebrity, comedy, music, wildlife and natural history. ITN Source represents the global archives of ITN, Reuters, ITV Studios, NBC, Fox News, Fox Movietone and numerous specialist collections including Rex Features picture library. Over 20 hours of digitized content is added every day, uncovering new, rare and never seen before archive material.

The winning filmmakers (Short & Feature) will receive free research advice and assistance, free footage screeners, access to view digitised ITV Studio's programmes & film titles and advice on footage licensing costs.


Irish Film Board Logo

An Irish winning screenwriter or filmmaker will receive consultation from the the Irish Film Board on how to best leverage their recently gained funding from Writers and Filmmakers.

Warning - This is from 2015. I hope they will still honour it as we haven't had an Irish winner yet!

Are you Scottish or want to film in Scotland?

Highlands of Scotland Film Commision

"I’m taken by the idea of the competition and of course it would be good if we did have a Scottish winner! If we did, or indeed if there was a winner from elsewhere who wished to either set or film their production in Scotland we’d be happy to help them and also happy for you to refer to this on your website as you suggest.

Although we don’t have any funding packages available towards productions our day to day service includes elements such as finding / suggesting appropriate locations, making contact and liaising with location owners and / or other services that might be required for a successful production, assisting with permissions etc. and we’d be quite happy to offer these services to any winning entrant.

Colin Simpson
Principal Tourism & Film Officer

Warning - This is from 2015. I hope they will still honour it as we haven't had an Scottish winner yet!

Are you a New Zealander?

New Zealand Film Commission Logo

If you are a New Zealander, the New Zealand Film Commision will provide support and information to best leverage your recently gained funding from Writers and Filmmakers.

Warning - This is from 2015. I hope they will still honour it as we haven't had an New Zealand winner yet!


On February 18, 2015 we had a conversation Michael Korican for his blog "Thoughts on Independent Filmmaking and the Emerging Economic System". His review and analysis of writersandfilmmakers.com are incredible, take a read here!

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On January 24, 2015 we had a podcast with www.Anywherebuthollywood.com on the topic of Democratizing Film Funding with WRITERS & FILMMAKERS! Check it out here.

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On Sunday December 29th, 2013 Writers and Filmmakers was featured on Fox 29-WUTV's "Crowd Funder Show" at 11:30am, right before NFL Sunday FOOTBALL! We hadn't even launched our competition but got accepted to the show!